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          Fit Happens: Five Questions to Ask to Find Colleges that Fit


          Yet the key to success in college, and ultimately, beyond, isn’t just about the best school, but finding the best school(s) for you. In a vast sea of options, how do you find schools that fit? 

          “考虑到牙膏过道,”辅导安玛丽·施特劳斯大学的ag真人app官网下载主任。 “有许多不同的选项和功能,但在一天结束的时候,他们都清洁牙齿。同样是大学的真实;他们都教育学生并为下一次无论发生什么事做准备,但他们提供不同的东西,可能使一些对学生比其他人更好的选择。”

          In creating a college list full of fits, students need to think about who they are and what they need to be challenged intellectually and personally, get them where they want to go and define their own happiness.

          To help students and families navigate this often daunting part of the college selection process, GFS Director of College Counseling Ann Marie Strauss and Associate Director of College Counseling Stephanie Metruk provide a list of the top five questions to ask when choosing colleges that fit.





          2) HOW DO YOU LIKE TO LEARN?

          There are many questions you’ll need to ask yourself when determining whether a school’s academic philosophy matches your learning style. 

          If you had your choice, what would your grades be based on? Tests? Projects? Papers? Participation? Do you prefer classes that are interactive (project/discussion) or lecture style (note taking/reflection)? What is the size of your ideal classroom? Look for schools that value what you value. 

          If you:

          • Get a lot out of classroom discussions
          • Want to be able to easily meet with professors and deans
          • Desire to build strong relationships with adults and school leaders
          • Value a more close-knit, personal environment

          …then you may want to consider looking at smaller schools whereas if you…

          • Prefer to listen and learn independently
          • Want to be able to choose from a large list of subject options
          • Are just as or more comfortable googling information than getting it directly from advisors or other adults…

          …a larger environment may be better for you.  

          Both large and small schools have programs and people but access to them is something you should ask about if it’s important to you. Know your style, but keep an open mind and remember that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can lead to growth! 



          Don’t be afraid to stay close to home, but don’t be afraid to venture out either.  Think about what kind of distance you are comfortable with, what kind of transportation you’d like to take, and don’t forget to factor in the cost.  Geographic diversity can work in your favor!
          You will also want to think about what type of campus appeals to you. Do you imagine college as a residential campus or as a chance to live independently and attend classes? Do you envision eating in a dining hall, food court, or cooking your own meals?
          Feeling safe, comfortable and well fed are the absolute fundamentals to a successful college education. If you don’t feel safe or aren’t properly nourished, you can’t focus on your studies. If you’re more independent, a city campus may work for you.  If you like passing people you know and a feeling of community, check out places with a more structured/contained campus. 

          Do you have strict dietary needs? Make sure the dining hall can accommodate or that there are living options available where you can make your own food. 

          Does weather really matter to you? Seriously, think about it. How much do you care? Is it a driving factor? If you need to be warm to function that’s one thing, otherwise open up your options and buy a good coat!


          Consider the issues that matter and are of concern to you. Attend a place that values what you value. If you care deeply about an issue find the people who will fight alongside you. Some campuses are known for their activism; decide whether or not that is an environment for you. 

          另外,还要考虑它是如何重要的是要来自不同背景的暴露在人或谁认为不同于你怎么办?多样性进来所有形式。种族,社会经济,地理,政治,这样的例子不胜枚举和。你会发现许多校园是非常多样的和其他人都没有。记住 - 学习讨论,并与那些谁不同意你恭恭敬敬地讨论是一种技能,是教训;不要害怕问它是如何教你的潜在大学。大学是勇敢的谈话的地方。


          College is a lot of work. A LOT. It’s important to find ways to destress that are healthy and make you happy. 
          If you are very involved or would like to become more involved in clubs, sports, music or art make sure you can continue or get started where you’re going. 

          Often times the interests you pursue in college can not only build your resume but help you find your future calling. 
          No matter what, don’t choose a life to build a resume, live a life that builds one naturally.

          学校的规模也将发挥在大学生的社会场景中的作用。想想自己的社会。你更喜欢小型聚会或大型聚会?在较小的学校,你就知道大多数人当你走进食堂和学生中心,周末各方可能会对你的朋友的房间,公寓或校外的房子和你知道/认人。而另一方面,在规模较大的学校 - you'll每天结识新的朋友;走进食堂可能会觉得像在商场里找一个座位走动美食广场和参加聚会可能意味着数千名学生。确定你的社会偏好是什么会帮助你找到你的那种场面的地方。 

          A final word of advice…

          As you search, identify the components of the experience you hope to have and learn to identify it in MANY places. There is no one perfect fit, there will be good and bad classroom experiences, defining friendships and emotional hardships, unexpected and inspiring opportunities at all the schools you consider. 


          Ann Marie Strauss, Director of College Counseling and
          Stephanie Metruk, Associate Director of College Counseling 
          at Garrison Forest School. 


          Download Your College Application Timeline Checklist!






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