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          Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board


          "Words and promises are not enough;
          real change and real progress have to be our goals.
          We are committed to moving GFS to be proactively
          anti-racist, acknowledging racism and inequities
          where they exist,
          and taking action to address them"

          -Chris Hughes
          HEAD OF SCHOOL
          Message to the GFS COMMUNITY

          In June 2020, Garrison Forest School created the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board. Made up of GFS faculty and staff members from across divisions and offices, as well as members of the GFS Board of Trustees, the role of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance and recommendations to the school in its ongoing efforts to be proactively anti-racist and inclusive. 


          Latest Announcements from the DEI Advisory Board

          July 16, 2020

          Listening sessions are underway for all members of the GFS community. This is an important first step in the work of listening, understanding, evaluating and assessing where GFS is as a school and where we need to be. Dates for the sessions are:

          • Current faculty and staff: July 7-8
          • Middle School and Upper School students: July 13-17
          • GFS Alumnae: July 20-22
          • Parents: July 23-30

          All community members -- current parents, students, alumnae and faculty and staff -- should have already received more information via email. 

          Our goal in hosting listening sessions is to hear input and experiences from all of our community members in a safe space. If you would prefer to submit your experience via this anonymous form, please click below: 


          Advisory Board Members

          Chris Hughes (co-chair), Head of School
          Carolyn Lewis (co-chair), Director of Community Life and Inclusion
          Crystal Lee Alston '96, GFS Board of Trustee Member
          Lauren Misera Anderson '02, Middle School Dean of Students
          Jim Beam, Upper School Mathematics Teacher and Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees
          Randy Beckford, Upper School Dean of Students
          Shondra Cowling, Lower School Counselor
          Meisha Dockett, Human Resources Manager
          Jazmin Greene, Assistant Director of Admission
          Vanessa Griffin, Executive Assistant to the Head of School
          Kate Gugerty, Director of Community Engagement
          Gail Hutton, Head of the Lower Division
          Lisa Fleck, Director of Counseling
          Gretta Gordy Gardner '86, GFS Board of Trustee Member
          Reema Khanchandani, Head of the Upper School
          Heather Malone-Wolf, Director of Dance
          Shelly Placek, Director of Communications and Marketing
          Shannon Schmidt, Head of the Middle School
          Bryna Stoute, Preschool Teacher
          Aminah Wells, Upper School Counselor

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